The babyshower

1440076372I was always pretty adamant about NOT wanting a babyshower. My parents told me it was bad luck to give/receive any babygifts before the baby was out and well, and on top of that I guess I found it hard to believe that I was actually really going to have a baby (even though my belly totally gave me away).

Turns out, the babyshower wasn’t as scary or ominous as I thought. My sister organized mine when I was 39 weeks pregnant, which was a tad late, but as I ended up giving birth at 41 weeks it turned out just fine. I had been living in my pregnancy bubble and hadn’t noticed any of the planning going on around me and was totally surprised to come home to find my house dressed in pink and filled with (almost) all the women in my family! It really was the highlight of my otherwise glum pregnancy and I would very much recommend everyone have one!

I also organized a babyshower for a close friend when she was 31 weeks pregnant. Being the meticulous planner that I am, I set out and read almost everything there was to know about babyshowers. Now for all you babyshower-planners/prego’s out there I have summarized my findings on The Babyshower below:


1. Plan in advance! I did not know all the attendees on the list for the babyshower I was planning. Just getting in touch with all of them turned out to be a challenge. Saving the date long in advance is important especially when some of the attendees have kids of their own! I started planning 4 months in advance, which seems a bit ridiculous, but turned out to be necessary to get everything to happen in time.

2. Keep guests in the loop. Create a Facebookpage/WhatsApp group or whatever to keep guests up to date on the planning of the babyshower. This will help keep them engaged and will make them more likely to want to participate in the organization of the babyshower.

3. Ask for help. Ask your guests to each bring their favorite snack or drink. That way you won’t have to bend over backwards (more than you probably already have) to get all the food and drinks to the location for the babyshower. It is quite common to share the cost/effort of the babyshower.

4. Decorations. There are so many cute DIY guirlande ideas out there. Here are some of my personal faves:

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5. Location. If it is at all possible: use the mom-to-be’s own home as the location for the babyshower. Why, you ask? Here’s why: no prego you will be charmed by the idea of having to carry a load of babyshower gifts in all shapes and sizes home. Another reason why this is a good idea: the mom-to-be gets to keep all the leftover cupcakes yaaayy!

6. Snacks. These DIY snacks below are so easy, yet so effective:           14400768031440076831

7. Gifts. Just ask the mom-to-be what gifts she would like to receive. Don’t sway from this list. Not even an inch. Just get her whatever she wants (and then some) :). If she doesn’t have any wishes, she’s probably being modest so just ask her again.

8. Games. Here are some examples of fun games for the shower:

Guessing games: guess the due date/name/weight/hight of the baby and write all these down in a baby-book for the mom-to-be. If you’re willing to go the extra mile: try to get your hands on a baby pic of all the attendees and print these with a number on them and have all the guests guess who is who!

Decorating rompers: ask everyone to bring a plain romper in a different size. Bring some sewing equipment and some iron-on shapes and voila:

onesieOr some puff paint and mandela’s if you’re not so crafty:

Create a photo booth with some DIY accessorize and get ahold of a polaroid camera to print the pics right away and have guests write a message to the mom-to-be.


9. Timing. One final tip: the mom-to-be will probably be exhausted after a few hours of being showered with TLC and gifts (lol sounds crazy right?!), so make sure to include and end-time on the invites for the babyshower!

Well that’s about it! If you have a babyshower pic you would like to share for a feature on my Instagram account please send them over to :)



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