7 Maternity musthaves

I was quite hesitant to accept that my bodyshape was changing (rapidly) during my pregnancy… In my head maternity wear was something I associated with looking like Mrs. Doubtfire (no offense Robin Williams R.I.P.).

But, after walking around looking like this for a few weeks:

muffintop…my mom decided it was time. Time to hook me up with some mom clothes. Turns out, nowadays maternity wear comes in all shapes and sizes, and isn’t half bad!

Here is a list of some of my go-to maternity items:

1. A flowy dress. Look feminine and cute while sporting that bump by wearing a loose flowy dress.

wide dress

Photo: spoonfulofstyle

2. Black stretchy leggings. With a prego belly you need to take advantages of some optical illusions: the fact that black really is slimming is one you would be smart to embrace. For an extra bad ass edge: go for a pair of black (fake) leather leggings like these:


Photo: H&M

3. Wedges. Because heels are uncomfortable, but I did like to compensate for some of that extra width with a little extra length! I opted for a pair of black open toe half high wedges. They were insanely comfortable and gave me some extra room for my feet to be bloated. They also even helped me balance my belly better! For an even more comfortable alternative, you could go for a pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers (see pic below right).

Photo: growingyourbaby


Photo: spoonfulofstyle

4. A maxi dress. You’ll probably be best off going for a low-cut maxi dress with a dark color that is a bit flowy around the hips. Watch out for patterns that are not so flattering (see the not so flattering zig-zag pattern Kim Kardashian sported below).

                                                                         DO                                   DON’T

                                                       Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 15.06.48kk

5. A black shirt dress.  This complements your figure and will make you look slimmer IF you find one that is the right fit for your body. I found it hard to find one of these in a maternity store because they were never quite the right fit for me… Cheap solution: you can get one of these at H&M and wear it as a top when you’re belly gets superbig towards the end of your pregnancy :)


6. A dress with a scallop neck line. This accentuates your prego cleavage instead of drawing all eyes to the bump. I found a great example of one of these here at ASOS for only $21! I’m seriously considering buying this in case I get pregnant again, but am forcing myself not to, because it would be totally weird…


7. A wide brim hat. To avoid melasma (permanent skin pigmentation spots due to crazy pregnancy hormones in your body a.k.a. “pregnancy mask”) wear a sunhat (and sunscreen) (and sunnies). I know, it sucks to not be able to work on that tan for 9 whole months, but you really don’t want to be stuck with this (on top of everything else..)! And on a positive note: wearing a wide hat makes your (possibly puffier) face look a bit more slender. This is a cute one for only $24.

If you make sure to stack up on these items, you’ll be able to get through those 9 months feeling comfortable and looking cute and pretty, without spending a fortune! If I missed a key item in your pregnancy wardrobe please let me know by commenting below, and if you want to be featured on my Instagram account send me your pregnancy style pics at: whereisthepacifier@gmail.com!


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