Positive birth story of an unmedicated labor and delivery!

Are you planning on having an natural and unmedicated labor and delivery? Abigail Orr shares her positive and beautiful birth story with us below. At 38 weeks, 3 days she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy 6lbs 12oz (3060 gr) baby girl: Blakely Ann Orr (Instagram: ourunorrdinarylife). Here’s her story!

It is said that women in labour leave their bodies… they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.” ~Anonymous


Abigail and Blakely who is nine months old in this photo.

On Thursday March 19th I went into work my usual evening serving shift, but this evening I was getting braxton hicks about 5 times within an hour and they continued for a few hours that evening. I got excited thinking this could be it, I wonder if I’m going to go into labor. But slowly over the two hours they subsided… That night I thought to myself “she is never going to come, I’m going to be pregnant until 42 plus weeks”.

Little did I know the following morning I would wake up use the restroom and get back into bed “sneeze”…“gush” “I think my water broke?” I had a funny feeling my water would break while sneezing my whole pregnancy and sure enough it did. This happened around 9 am so I called my midwife and let her know my water had broke.


Water broke and contractions have started…

She told me to relax and see how labor progresses and head up to the birthing center around 2:30 that afternoon. So in the mean time I ate a good breakfast, went for a walk to try and get contractions going and just relaxed at home with Daniel. By the time 2:30 came around I was nervous that I hadn’t had any sort of pattern with contractions. Because my water had broke I knew I needed to deliver her within 24hrs or close to before the risk of infection became a worry.

When we got the birthing center my midwife checked me and I was dilated 4 cm, which was really good news. contractions started up soon after and were coming 8-12 min apart so still with no real pattern, but at least I was having contractions.

It wasn’t until around 9pm when she checked me again and I was at 6 cm that active labor really started up and soon after transition did as well. I spent most of my labor standing up and leaning on Daniel, when a contraction would start I would lean Into his chest and rock back and forth and give my body over to the contraction. I knew fighting them would only waste my energy. So for the next few hrs I continually gave myself over to them knowing each one would get me that much closer to my little girl.

I was very blessed to have such an awesome support team from my amazing husband to having my sister in law and mother in law who would come up from behind and put super strength counter pressure on my hips. I also had my mom there which was great, she was such an encourager.

Around 11:45 that evening contractions became unbearable, I had a moment of just wanting to be done. I knew that a moment like that would come and when it did It meant Id be meeting my little girl soon. I started to feel immense pressure, so I let my midwife know I felt like I could push. Soon after me telling her that, she checked me and I was 8 or so cm dilated. That put me in a panic mentally because I was sure that what I had just gone through was transition, I literally had had no break between contractions. Luckily my midwife was amazing and she listened to my body and me having the urge to push.


Blakely handed to mommy for the first time!

So I pushed and that got me to 9 cm and then I pushed with the next contraction and that got me to 10 cm. After that I pushed about 6 more times within a 20 min period. Shortly after Blakely made her beautiful appearance into the world weighing 6lbs 12oz and 20 in long. Her daddy caught her and I reached down and grabbed her from him and pulled her onto my chest. I’ll never forget the moment I first felt her slippery little body hit my chest, this little girl was all mine, this little girl made me a mommy, this little girl was about to change our lives forever.

As she laid on my chest we let her cord pulse for a while before we cut it. Soon after I delivered the placenta, which for some reason I was nervous to deliver. Luckily my midwife eased that nervousness and told me “sweet heart it’ll slip out like a bar of soap” 😉 and that’s just what it did. I remember an immediate relief and feeling of being done once the placenta was delivered.

Shortly after Blakely nursed for the first time, and in about an hour or so we were on our way home. It was so nice being able to crawl into my own bed and cuddle my little girl without any interruptions. That night I was on such a high, all I could do was stare at what love had created, the sweet little girl that made me a mommy!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 18.52.17

Blakely latching on to nurse for the first time ♡

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