Mommyyyy I want a bwotha for kwismas!

babyOklahoma mom, Courtney Solstad and her husband surprised their three daughters with the most amazing christmas present ever: a baby brother. I know, you’re probably thinking, how could that have been a surprise mom must have had the tiniest prego belly ever?? Nope.

Their baby brother Nathan was adopted, and mom and dad told their daughters they were doing some gift shopping but came back with their new baby brother!

The reaction of the three sisters finding their christmas gift under the tree is completely adorable:

As the video shows, the three girls are overwhelmed with emotion at the surprise of their new sibling’s arrival. One of the girls burst into tears, another jumps for joy, while the third declares: “I’m gonna wet my pants!”

On her Facebook page, Solstad wrote that Nathan’s adoption had been “one of the most magical experiences” for the family.

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