6 Tips to get your pre-baby-belly back

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Making another human being involves getting (at least a little bit) fat. Here’s what causes those extra kilos/pounds:

Fetus 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs
Fat, protein and other nutrients 3 kg / 7 lbs (on average, for me it was more like 10 kg /22 lbs)
Increased blood 1.8 kg / 4 lbs
Increased fluid 1.8 kg / 4 lbs
Uterus 900 g / 2 lbs
Amniotic fluid 900 g / 2 lbs
Breast growth 900 g / 2 lbs
Placenta 680 g / 1.5 lbs
Total 13 kg / 30 lbs

So far so good. At 41 weeks and 20 kilos/44 lbs from my normal weight, I had lost fate my belly would ever look anywhere near normal again. Contrary to my own belief I got back to my pre-baby weight (minus 5 kilos/11lbs!). Here’s how I did it, with hardly any exercise involved!

1. Labor while in labor you will loose a lot of bodily fluids. For those among us who have not yet given birth, I won’t elaborate on this and gross you all out. But the good news here is that your amazing 9-month-bloat will fade away within about 2 or 3 days after labor.

After a fairly intense 24-hour labor and subsequent c-section I had left 10 kilos/22lbs of my prego weight at the hospital at day four postpartum. So I guess that was my silver lining for my birth story :)

2. Elastic abdominal binder Get one of these! I don’t think theres is much difference between all the different brands out there: the basic concept is to wrap your belly in an elastic band and tighten it as your belly grows smaller. Especially after c-section it is very comfortable to wear it during the day (starting at day 3/4 postpartum) because it gives you some stability. I can imagine that with natural birth this is less of an issue. However, I would still highly recommend getting one of these bad boys, because it helps your belly deflate and shrink into its original shape quicker!

3. Breastfeeding A lot. In the very beginning my feeds lasted for about two hours because my babe was a slow drinker. With 8 feeds a day that resulted in a 14-hour a day breastfeeding work-out.

4. Food intake make sure your primary care-taker postpartum will cook up some seriously healthy food for you! As a new mom, you need to indulge in the luxury that other people take care of you, because within no time you will once again be your own (and your new baby’s) primary care-taker. My tip is to look up some healthy recipes and print these for whomever will be taking care of you so that you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

eggProteins – My mom brought me a fresh haring every day for a week! I also ate poached eggs with spinach and ham about twice daily. Good stuff.

Healthy snacks – Some of my go-to midnight snacks were: dried apricots, dates, and walnuts. These also help your body heal from the whole birthing situation you will probably have going on.

My appetite had gone from tyrannosaurus rex to lizard size. This might not be true for everyone, but I was feeding off looking at my baby and pure adrenaline. When I got back home I had a crazy appetite for spinach and eggs and all sorts of protein that I had never eaten before in my life. Also, I was bedridden so I ate whatever came my way and the food that came my way was a lot healthier than what I would normally prepare for myself!FullSizeRender

5. Stroll
As soon as you’re ready (physically and mentally), take that stroller outside for a walk. I went on walks everyday because it was my only method of transport. Luckily enough this is also a surefire way to get your abs and leg muscles used to moving around again.

6. Abs At about 5 months postpartum I started training my abs again. As a mom you probably won’t have time for an extensive 2-hour workout, so I looked up a 5-minute ab workout on youtube and whipped out the old yoga mat and got crunching. I also tried doing workouts with my baby, but she got nauseous and threw up all over me, so that was the last time we worked out together.

Ok, well that’s how I got my body back! Hope you get yours back too! If you want to be featured on transformation Tuesday on my Instagram account, send me your baby-belly + after baby belly pics!


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