Craziest birth story ever: 75 days of labor!

Labor is no party in general, but in terms of terrible birth stories 31-year-old Joanna Krzysztonek takes the cake.aa..

She was 21 weeks pregnant with triplets when she went into premature labor. Luckily the doctors of the neo-natal clinic in Wroclaw, Poland acted fast and gave her tocolytics to suppress her contractions and delay the birth of her other two babies. Once they managed to stop her contractions, they got Joanna to lie down on a tilted bed at a 30 degree angle, to avoid putting any pressure on her cervix. The umbilical cord was tied up and placed back in the uterus.

For the next 75 days, Joanna had to stay put in her tilted bed 24/7. She was not even to leave her bed to go to the bathroom! The hospital staff bathed and fed her in bed every day. Wow. This goes to show how much a woman is willing to endure to save her babies.

bbccDoctors managed to postpone the birth of the other two babies for 75 days. At 32 weeks, Joanna gave birth to baby girl Iga (left) and a baby boy Ignacy (right), each weighing just under 4 lb (1.7 kg).

The head of the Wroclaw obstetrics and neo-natal clinic where Joanna gave birth, Mariusz Zimmer, said doctors managed to ease Joanna’s contractions, but considered her to be in labor from the birth of the first child. After her ordeal, Joanna had some problems maintaining her balance, but other than that, she made a swift recovery.



Close runner-up: in the UK, 29-year old Donna Kelly (UK) also spent a whopping 70 days in the same uncomfortable position as Joanna Krzysztonek. Due to her weakened cervix, she had already had two miscarriages and was thus being monitored closely throughout her pregnancy. To avoid yet another miscarriage, she underwent a cervical stitch at 14 weeks to strengthen the neck of her womb. Unfortunately at 23 weeks, doctors discovered her cervix had already dilated so far that the baby’s head had started crowning. At their wits end, doctors told Kelly the only way to possibly avoid a miscarriage would be to spend the rest of her pregnancy in a tilted position (see picture). Kelly gave birth to 4lb 15oz (2.240 kg) babygirl Amelia by emergency c-section after her waters broke at 34 weeks.



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