Quadruplets + Exclusive Breastfeeding = Say what?

Anne Adema

Family portrait: quadruplets Aukje, Eefke, Hiske and Jinthe, mom, dad and older sisters Meike en Ymre.

Quads, what are the odds?

The chances of having quadruplets spontaneuously is about one in 800,000. The chances of having a set of identical quads (conceived au naturel) is one in 11 million to one in 15 million.

Supermom Anne

qAnne and her husband Alex Adema had two daughters when they decided they wanted just one more baby. After going through so-called ovulation stimulation they conceived not one, but four more baby girls! 27 weeks into her pregnancy Anne went into spontaneous labor, and was rushed to a hospital specializing in multiple births. The quadruplets we born via c-section and weighed between 850-1150 grams (2-2.5 pounds). The quads are now four healthy one-year-olds.

Amazing mom Anne who now has six children,  four of whom are quadruplets which she breastfeeds EXCLUSIVELY! And it doesn’t stop there… Apart from nursing her quads three times a day, she pumps about 3 liters (=100 ounces) a day inbetween feeds (I’m wondering when that would be…). Wow. pretty crazy. Anne pumps with a portable double breastpump and a backpack strapped to her back while cooking dinner for her family. HOW??

mThere is a downside though: Anne and her hubby sleep for about 3/4 hours per night. Whoop there it is. And thats where you can count me out. I am just in awe of how she is still able to keep going. Pretty incredible what we are willing to endure to care for our kids!

Own series: 4 times the luck

Having quadruplets dramatically changed Anne and Alex’s life. In the first year of the quads’ life Anne estimates to have used 10.000 diapers (about 200 diapers a week), produced 1000 liters of breastmilk and did 780 rounds of laundry. So much for kicking back and relaxing as a stay at home mom… Anne and Alex agreed to have a series made about their life as a family of 8. Although they were reluctant to seek out the public eye, they decided to participate in the Dutch series (called: 4 keer zoveel geluk = 4 times the luck) because it was the only way for them to be able to document their quadruplets infancy, as they simply didn’t have the time (or the energy I’m assuming) to be able to document their babies’ every move. For more pics and background information on the series: check out their Facebook page.

Unfortunately for my english speaking readers, the series is in Dutch, but for all the Dutchies, I put up a snippet to get a glimpse of what life with quads is like below!

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  1. Jade says:

    Wow!! I find that tandem nursing an infant and a toddler is time-consuming enough – I can’t even imagine breastfeeding quadruplets with 2 older kids! Seriously super mum!

    • admin says:

      I know! After reading about this supermom I swore to myself I would never ever complain again about my life being busy! 😉

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