A doodled account of what the first year of momhood is really like.

Becoming a mom was the most amazing feeling ever. No denying that. But in that first year of momhood there wil also a couple (a lot) of rough patches, that you’ll be surprised no one told you about. After giving birth to a little girl, scottish illustrator, Lucy Scott captured the things they don’t tell you about life with a newborn-1-year-old in her doodle diary. I’ll admit, some of these are a bit of an overstatement, but I recognized a lot of my struggling self in the comics below! 

1Like how parenthood totally doesn't change you at all.

Or how it's really super easy to get out the door.
...and of course, the adventures you face when you actually make it out the door.
Scott captures your first date night post-baby, just as you remember it.
Along with the sweat and tears of long car rides.


And also, that first epic, burned-into-your-memory-forever poo.

Then there are the joys of breast-feeding. And sleep training. And sleep feeding.

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