3 tips to get through labor


The bad news

Well labor in itself is pretty bad news.. As crazy as it may sound, after 41 weeks of feeling like shit 90% of the time, I was looking forward to it. Big time. Turns out I had underestimated the level of pain involved here. I remember looking at my mom halfway through and thinking: “How on earth did dad trick you into doing this two more times after labor #1 without any pain relief??”…

How to survive

I made a clear mistake by not reading into this whole laboring thing.. Sure, I watched bits and pieces of “A Baby Story” on TLC, but that was about it. I had no idea there were so many variables to take into account. Here are 3 pieces of advice I wish someone would have given me:

1. Position of the baby

My daughter was a so-called “stargazer” or “sunny-side-up”. Well I can tell you one thing: it wasn’t particularly sunny. She had the umbilical chord wrapped around her neck and one hand on her head. If I would have had an ultrasound before delivery it might have just saved me 26 hours of excruciating pain and vomiting, a hospital transfer while being 8 cm’s dialated, and a lot of throw up which ended in a c-section anyway. So my advice: check what you’re in for, because the baby’s position can make a HELL of a lot of a difference. Check out these links for some useful info:



2. Pain relief

While some women will tell you natural birth is best: no pain no gain and what not.. Knowing what your options are when push comes to shove (literally lol) is a lot easier than having to listen to some intern nurse explaining what the (dis)advantages gas and air are while you’re gasping for air in-between contractions. So do yourself a favour and talk to your doctor/midwife/partner about this stuff!

3. Plan B

If all hell really breaks loose and your baby is in distress you will want a c-section. Evolution made us women that way. There is once again no harm in reading up on this subject while you’re at it. I know I didn’t and I was quite shocked to hear my stomach being stapled back together after the baby was pulled out…

The good news

It will end. No matter what. And when it does, you have a baby to show for it and you won’t give a damn about whatever happened to your belly and va-j-j :)

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