10 Sassy retorts to the “was it planned-bomb”


The average age women in my country get pregnant with their first child is 29,4. In Belarus and Kazakstan however, I would have been totally average having my first baby at 25. Somehow everyone that I told about my pregnancy wanted me to explain to them why I was “prematurely pregnant”(4 years early) by asking me the question: “was it planned?”. This question is as insulting as it is invasive. Would you ask someone in their thirties the same question? The answer is NO. Because that would be totally inappropriate.

Why in the world would anyone think that’s a great question to ask? Ok, yes, my pregnancy was not planned. But honestly that’s none of anybody else’s business. The first time someone dropped the “was-it-planned-bomb” on me, I was totally taken by surprise and started explaining and justifying how I got myself into this “predicament”. To save every “premature prego” out there from the same awkwardness, here are some sassy retorts that will get every rude was-it-planned-question-asker back in line:

1. “What do you mean?” Throw that our there and let there be a super awkward long silence.

2. “Damn straight!” And then *wink*. Exponentially awkward when it’s a male colleague asking the question over lunch in the office cafeteria.

3. “Yes, of course. And it was AMAZING.”

4. “Was that question planned?”

5. “Yes, it was planned by God.”

6. “The sex was, but the baby was a bonus.”

7. “No, I really don’t know how this happened.”

8. “Why do you ask?”

9. “Wow, that’s a really weird question!” And refrain from any further comment.

10. “Does it matter?”


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