5 awesome DIY projects for kids stuff

Hi there! After getting crafty this weekend, I thought I’d share some of my DIY projects with you guys. I’ve arranged them from easy (#1) to insanely crafty (#5). Enjoy!


Simple yet effective. It does take quite some time to cut out all the clouds, mind you! Other than that it’s easy peasy. You can use a metal hoop like the one shown in this tutorial to add a touch of gold.

DIY Paper Cloud Mobile via HGTV:


These insanely cute pompom skirt + kneehighs ♡

  • Get a tulle or some other kind of see through material (e.g. organza) skirt
  • A pair of knee high socks (plain colors work best)
  • With a color thread that matches the color of your skirt/socks, sew on some colorful pom poms in random spots and there you have it!
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 22.56.19


Ok well, this is one is pretty self-explanatory, but here you go anyways:

  • Basically you just take a huge cardboard box (you can usually ask for one at your local grocery store).
  • Cut off one side of the box and cut open along one edge (as shown in the picture).
  • To create a triangular roof; cut the top part of the box along the middle and tape both side together while propping both sides up to create a triangle shape.
  • For some extra house-like feautures, you can cut out some windows and stick some curtains (bits of left-over fabric) on them with a glue gun :)
  • To decorate it you can use colored tape, like the pink used below or tape with a pattern to make it look extra cute.
  • As a finishing touch pop in some pillows and voila!



A bit more difficult, but it’s such a shame for all those pretty little dresses to be tucked away in mini-me’s closet…

  • Saw off a log or large branch in whatever size you like (I would opt for a bit of a sturdy specimen so it won’t break).
  • Polish the wood to minimize splinter risk.
  • Screw in two metal hooks on top of the log and as many as you like on the bottom (this is where your clothes hangers will go). Make sure to leave about 4 inches (8 cms) of space between the hooks for a cleaner look.
  • To attach it to the wall like in the pic below, make sure to use plugs for the plank that are sturdy enough to carry the weight of the clothes rack!
  • Alternatively you can attach pieces of rope to the metal hooks on top of your branch and attach them to hooks in the ceiling.

Coco Anna Nursery Tour | CK

Coco Anna Beautiful Nursery Tour Wooden Clothes Rail | CK


And for those among us who really want to take it to the next level… Check this out! Not really a DIY, but more of a HIDBSE (have it done by someone else), but too adorable to keep it from you guys!

This cutest little mouse house night light!

It’s like a little fairy door, but it doesn’t just open, there’s a mouse living in there — with his pretty wall paper and tiny furniture! I haven’t actually tried this one myself, because well, I doubt it would come out looking anything like this. But perhaps this is an idea for any of you with a significant other who is particularly crafty…

*need this in my my daughters life*


Mouse House

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