3 tips to get through labor

The bad news Well labor in itself is pretty bad news.. As crazy as it may sound, after 41 weeks of feeling like shit 90% of the time, I was looking forward to it. Big time. Turns out I had […]


What to do when you’re overdue? – 5 tips to get your baby out fast(er)!

When my due date came and went without any baby in sight, I started getting a little (read: a lot) impatient. I was sick and tired of sleeping upright because of the ridiculous 24/7 heartburn. I was done […]


7 Tips to coping with colic

What no one really prepares you for in your life as a new mommy or daddy is, the C-word. I’m talking about colic. Our story I didn’t even know what was going on when my daughter started crying […]


Getting past postpartum

8 things I wish someone had told me. I wish someone would have had the guts to tell me about these things and maybe given me a pointer or two. My mom’s excuse for not doing so, was […]


The babyshower

I was always pretty adamant about NOT wanting a babyshower. My parents told me it was bad luck to give/receive any babygifts before the baby was out and well, and on top of that I guess I found it hard to […]


7 Maternity musthaves

I was quite hesitant to accept that my bodyshape was changing (rapidly) during my pregnancy… In my head maternity wear was something I associated with looking like Mrs. Doubtfire (no offense Robin Williams R.I.P.). But, after walking around […]


6 Tips to get your pre-baby-belly back

Making another human being involves getting (at least a little bit) fat. Here’s what causes those extra kilos/pounds: Fetus 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs Fat, protein and other nutrients 3 kg / 7 lbs (on average, for me it was […]


12 Awesome facts about breastfeeding

Breast is best. I strongly believe that. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to breastfeed, but if it’s at all possible: do it! Here’s 10 reasons why: 1. It boosts your baby’s immune system. 2. It […]


7 Tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night

After having my daughter I remember thinking who ever came up with the phrase: “sleeping like a baby” must not have had any children… Thankfully I soon came to understand “baby” is not to be mistaken with “newborn”. Because […]


10 Sassy retorts to the “was it planned-bomb”

The average age women in my country get pregnant with their first child is 29,4. In Belarus and Kazakstan however, I would have been totally average having my first baby at 25. Somehow everyone that I told about my pregnancy wanted […]


Post pregnancy hair(loss)

During pregnancy your hair will look amazeballs. It’s true. After baby exits your body, your pregnancy hair stays awesome, for a while… Then, all of a sudden (usually after you stop breastfeeding) anywhere between 2-8 months after giving birth, your […]


7 ways to increase milk supply

My story I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed my daughter right from the get-go. Even though I gave birth via c-section I nursed her straight away when they gave her to me an hour after she was […]


11 tips to survive a flight with a baby

How we all dread being the mom with the screaming baby on the airplane.. People either give you a pitiful *I’ve been there*-look or the: *seriously haven’t you had any training for this at all, you suck and […]

Portrait of young woman making face

Top 10 most annoying things to say to a pregnant woman

In most of my blogpost I want to convey (at least some) useful tips, but sometimes one just wants to complain… So today, I would like to retroactively complain about some of the most annoying remarks I got […]


Pray for Paris

After the atrocities in Paris, I was not able to just keep on living my life as if nothing had happened. Especially upon reading the letter below my heart broke… I can’t fathom why anyone would ever commit such hideous […]

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The essence of momhood in comics

These pics capture the essence of momhood pretty accurately:   The sympathetic pregnant dad-to-be   The breastfeeding-‘friendly’ nurse The postpartum selfie   The breastfeeding-get-out-of-jail-free-card     The next baby   The toys of choice      The bedtime ritual […]

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Craziest birth story ever: 75 days of labor!

Labor is no party in general, but in terms of terrible birth stories 31-year-old Joanna Krzysztonek takes the cake… She was 21 weeks pregnant with triplets when she went into premature labor. Luckily the doctors of the neo-natal […]


8 very dangerous and non-childproof household items

I know this post may seem a bit overprotective: you simply can’t shield your kids from EVERYTHING that might cause them harm (I won’t deny having asked my GP about a babyhelmet for my daughter to wear around the […]


A doodled account of what the first year of momhood is really like.

Becoming a mom was the most amazing feeling ever. No denying that. But in that first year of momhood there wil also a couple (a lot) of rough patches, that you’ll be surprised no one told you about. […]


Mommyyyy I want a bwotha for kwismas!

Oklahoma mom, Courtney Solstad and her husband surprised their three daughters with the most amazing christmas present ever: a baby brother. I know, you’re probably thinking, how could that have been a surprise mom must have had the […]


Positive birth story of an unmedicated labor and delivery!

Are you planning on having an natural and unmedicated labor and delivery? Abigail Orr shares her positive and beautiful birth story with us below. At 38 weeks, 3 days she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy 6lbs 12oz (3060 gr) […]


Quadruplets + Exclusive Breastfeeding = Say what?

Quads, what are the odds? The chances of having quadruplets spontaneuously is about one in 800,000. The chances of having a set of identical quads (conceived au naturel) is one in 11 million to one in 15 million. Supermom […]


Is breaking your waters really necessary?

Breaking your waters I always thought my labor would start with a huge dramatic gush of water in the middle of the street while running errands, like Charlotte from Sex and the City. I never actually thought about […]

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The Dangers of Honey

Although honey has the reputation of a natural and (semi)-healthy sweetener, it can be very dangerous to your baby. The reason I’m sharing this with you guys, is that I had never heard of the dangers of honey […]